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Discover True Craft CBD

When it comes to CBD, lots of companies buy their ingredients. We’re actually crafting it. At Second Century, our process may not be for everyone. But our products are.

Regular Strength

30 MG/ML

Our regular-strength formula is the perfect choice for those who are new to CBD or just taking it slow. Available in 30ml or 60ml sizes.

Extra Strength

50 MG/ML

If you’re a seasoned CBD user, keep your health in check with our more potent formula. Available in 30ml or 60ml sizes.


But not just any seed. We cultivate our hemp plants to thrive in the heat and humidity of Southeastern farming. The results are sustainable agriculture for our farmers and quality CBD for you.

Find Your Flavor

No dyes. No preservatives. No additives. Just natural flavoring to give your CBD a minty or fruity finish.





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