TINCTURE: Extra Strength, Mint

$39.99$59.99 or from $31.99$47.99 / month

All of our products are full-spectrum, extracted from the highest quality of USA-grown hemp, rooted in superior, custom-designed genetics. Our oil contains no fillers, no additives, no dyes, and no preservatives – just pure cannabinoid extract, coconut MCT oil, and the highest-quality of natural flavorings. You can see our independent lab Certificate of Analysis (COA) here.

Our 1oz size contains 1,500MG CBD.

Our 2oz size contains 3,000MG CBD.

Ingredients: MCT Oil (Fractionated Coconut), and Premium Hemp Distillate and All-Natural Flavors

All products are vegan and gluten-free.

Getting Started

We encourage users new to CBD to start out with a lower dosage and build up as necessary. Below are two dosage routines for different CBD goals. CBD works best when used consistently, so we recommend sticking with the same routine for at least 5 days before altering your dosage.
For daytime stress management:

1/2 dropper (.5ml) in the morning
(Regular Strength: 15mg/0.5ml, Extra Strength: 25mg/.5ml)

1/2 dropper (.5ml) in the afternoon
(Regular Strength: 15mg/0.5ml, Extra Strength: 25mg/.5ml)

For help winding down before bed:

1 full dropper (1ml) at bedtime
(Regular Strength: 30mg/1ml, Extra Strength: 50mg/1ml)


To start, place the oil under your tongue with the dropper. Hold the oil under your tongue for 60 seconds, then swallow. Most of the oil should be absorbed. Everyone’s body metabolizes CBD differently, and the time it takes to see results varies. Starting low, assessing how you feel throughout the day or night, and adjusting accordingly is the best way to find the perfect amount for you.

3 reviews for TINCTURE: Extra Strength, Mint

  1. Christa

    Super product. Some of the best CBD available!

  2. Abby Vandegrift (verified owner)

    Great product and great company. They are always efficient with my orders.

  3. Doug Barron (verified owner)

    I was skeptical about the “CBD Claims” at first but, after 30 days I am sold. I have always been one who wakes up after 2-3 hours of sleep and can’t go back to sleep for an hour or so. The second night of using the Extra Strength – Mint. I woke up as usual but rolled over and was back sleeping in a matter of minutes. After a week I was sleeping uninterrupted for 6-7 hours straight. I now start each day fully rested with more energy. I have just signed up for the monthly program. Thank you!

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